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Customzie mx3 fly mouse and let your tv box sells more MX3 fly mouse, Air Mouse, wireless remote,keyboard, 2.4G

The model MX3 fly mouse is also known as the Aerb Air Mouse. This is a 2.4 G RF wireless remote with keyboard and mouse functionality. It has a Gyro motion sensor, 81 key keyboard, and operates on less than 10mA of power consumption. It ships with a 2.4G Wireless Transmitter USB plugin unit, the remote, and a user guide that is a single one sided card.

A big positive for this remote is the five learning IR buttons. The remote processor and IR code detection is good. It is even possible to program the red power button at the top to do something besides turn your television on and off. It is possble to use it to do something useful such as instruct the TV to switch inputs from, for example, the internal TV tuner, a DVD player, to your HTPC computer.

But this is a universal controller. It is normal that few keys might not be applicable to your device because of different codec by different manufacture .We have customlized mx3 fly mouse IR code work with some tv box , such as : Dragon box ,Digixstream, MXQ, M8S , M8, M10, M12, MX ect.  It means that mx3 fly mouse can replace the IR remote control . It will make end user more easy to use mx3 fly mouse ,We also can customize mx3 fly mouse IR code same as your tv box IR remotes and can print logo on the top of fly mouse .

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